La Biblioteca de Vallodolid

Great post about a library in Vallodolid, Mexico.

Literacy Changes Everything!

When I was a little girl, my grandfather, John F. Berrent, was a retired guidance counselor who worked as a substitute teacher in the Baltimore City Public Schools. When the library was discarding its older titles, my grandfather would bring them to his house for me. The books used different paper than modern books. It was a thick paper that was often dyed purple around the edges – this on books such as Password to Larkspur Lane of the Nancy Drew series and Donna Parker at Cherryvale. I enjoyed reading these older books because the feel of them was special and nostalgic, something you could no longer easily obtain.

In August, I visited the town of Valladolid, Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula while traveling between Chichen Itza to Tulum and Coba. I had a feeling I would like the town when I saw the sign that said: “Valladolid –…

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